Degreasing tunnels

  • Degreasing tunnels
  • Degreasing tunnels
  • Degreasing tunnels

The purpose of this tunnel is to degrease and adequate the pieces before applying the paint, this is done to give a better adhesion to the pieces.

To complete the treatment the tunnel must contain the following elements:

  • Body: Formed by an enclosure structure in plate of stainless steel, quality AISI 304 2b.
  • Transporter: Formed by frames with hooks to displace the suspended pieces along the interior of the tunnel.
  • Aspiration volutes: supply of fans that allow the extraction of vapors.
  • Ramps: formed by adjunctive tubes and sprinkler filters that project the watery against the pieces to be treated.
  • Tanks: Constructed in stainless plate quality AISI 304 or 316 2b, depending if the product that will be used and provisions of covers, filters, overflows and drainages. These contain the liquids that are aspired to treat the pieces.