Our history

CMTS was founded in 1994 as consequence of the reconversion of the industrial sector that was produced at the time. CMTS was founded by a group of professionals that proceeded from another company also in the same industrial with more than ten years of experience at the time.

Considering that CMTS since its foundation already had the capability to form an administrative and technical office and also disposing of adequate plants to initiate a management activity , CMTS was constituted as Limited Catalan Cooperative Society of associate work.

CMTS at this point had it very clear what its principal goals were. Continue to develop the same line of work that for years has been carried out during years, but improving its quality, completing with delivery terms, diversify all types of clients by extending the market, grow in a sustainable manner and constantly apply improvements in the infrastructure by implementing the best technologic advances.

CMTS since 2004 has been able to station itself in the sector as a highly competitive company and with products manufactured by the proper company as leaders in the market. More than ten years have passed since the foundation of the company and during this time it has been able to carry out initial projects and even surpass some of them.

CMTS is faced to a future full of new challenges. Without ever forgetting the past but with new projects in development, CMTS hopes to make reality the expansive growth that the exterior market will supply.