Who we are

At present day CMTS counts on an integrated team of twenty-two highly qualified professionals.

Continuous investments on machinery and equipment, permits CMTS to manufacture machinery of very large dimensions, for example tunnels with a longitude of 60 meters.


CMTS with specialized engineering has facilities in operation all over Spain , European countries and American and African continents.

The technical department of CMTS collaborates in a very narrow way in the execution of the projects with its engineering clients.


CMTS counts on a global offer that goes from the assessment to the setting in operation, by first going through the design, the fabrication and lastly the assembling.

CMTS offers assessment to collaboration with everyone of their clients to put into operation their projects. Our experience permits us to guarantee the seriousness in the delivery terms and to provide this way an integral service to the client.

CMTS disposes of a Technical Office prepared to carry out designs that fit the engineer clients' project requirements.


CMTS bases their performance on the excellent quality of its products, which are continuously improved to achieve a better performance and exceptional service. It also to be pointed out that CMTS manufactures a double flange panel to reach greater insulation.


CMTS is delighted to be recognized as a prestigious company in its sector, plans goals for the future and one of which is foremost the most important is consolidating its place in the market and bringing about a controlled growth. Therefore CMTS does not discard any option and is freely open to any possibility, this way diversifying its activity along with the demand of the market.